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avengers members villains powers more marvel the official marvel page for the avengers learn all about its team members history and enemies on the official site of marvel entertainment, the official marvel page for young avengers learn all about its members history and enemies on the official page of young avengers, dark avengers is an american comic book series published by marvel comicsit is part of a series of titles that have featured various iterations of the superhero team the avengersunusually the series stars a version of the team that unknown to the public in its fictional universe contains several members who are supervillains disguised as established superheroes, the avengers are a fictional team of superheroes appearing in american comic books published by marvel comicsthe team made its debut in the avengers 1 coverdated sept 1963 created by writereditor stan lee and artistcoplotter jack kirbythe avengers is lee and kirbys renovation of a previous superhero team allwinners squad who appeared in comic books series published by marvel

major spoilers ahead for the ending of avengers infinity war if youve made it this long without being spoiled then you might want to leave watch the second captain marvel , pick the recurring marvel cinematic universe characters that have appeared in the movies without picking a character that has only appeared once or not appeared at all

dogooder full name felicia hardy alias black cat cat origin marvel avengers alliance 2012 occupation superhero sidekick powersskills retractable claws probability manipulation hobby flirting with spiderman defeating villains goals help spiderman and other heroes family no information, thanos is the overall main antagonist of the marvel cinematic universe serving as the greaterscope antagonist of both the avengers and guardians of the galaxy a cameo character in avengers age of ultron and the main antagonist of both avengers infinity war and avengers endgame he is an extremely powerful extraterrestrial warlord who commands a massive army known as the chitauri, marvel studios has a habit of killing off its villains but quite a few of them have survived and these are the ones were hoping to see return to the marvel cinematic universe during phase 4, related every mcu movie coming after captain marvel the starforce in captain marvel are a little bit different and serve essentially as carol danvers squad while on hala according to jude law the 6 member team has been together for 15 years although vers only joined six years agowhile the various members of starforce dont get much screentime in the movie we know a fair bit about them